Why choose Maastricht? Just because!

You can feel it, you can see it, and you can taste it!

Maastricht is the Netherlands' most international city. It's a place with an unique and authentic energy and dynamism that you won't experience anywhere else in the Netherlands. Its current mix of cultures, languages, and flavours makes the city burst with creativity, research, enterprise, and trend-setting and culinary delights. Today's Maastricht is a city that has the best of all worlds: north and south; past and present. There are historic buildings and trendy designer boutiques, majestic churches and thrilling cave adventures, inspired menus and inviting café terraces, lively festivals and sensational expositions, stately squares and vast vineyards.

All this and more makes Maastricht a favourite destination for an unforgettable group activity, a dynamic company excursion, or an exciting incentive.

This is typical of Maastricht:

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Maastricht Highlights

Fort Sint Pieter forms the impressive backdrop to this unique team game that requires cooperation, agility, and strategic insight.
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The Must Sees of Maastricht

Complete day excursion, in which you'll be told all about the historic highlights and actual and figurative treasures the city has to offer.
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The Face of Maastricht

Discover Maastricht through the eyes of a local.

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The city of Maastricht – and all its facets – plays a starring role. Maastricht has everything you need: its intriguing blend of past and present is not only seen in the architecture, but definitely carries through into the city's cultural offerings as well. Colourful, traditional, and uniquely Maastricht, but also mysterious, undiscovered, challenging, and sophisticated. From underground cultural treasures and the city's signature bell towers to energetic and exciting festivals, exhibitions, and breathtaking performances.

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Maastricht's passport

Area: 60.07 km2. Number of inhabitants: Approx. 122,000

  • Maastricht: Second hotel city of the Netherlands / Second tourist city of the Netherlands / Second monument city of the Netherlands: 1661 monuments, two basilicas, and more than 50 churches.
  • Maastricht is the oldest industrial city in the Netherlands.
  • The Bisschopsmolen in Maastricht is the oldest watermill in the Netherlands that is still in operation.
  • The Helpoort is the oldest existing city gate in the Netherlands.
  • The perfect shopping city: approx. 500 shops. Well-known and loved by many for its numerous speciality shops and unique boutiques.
  • Gastronomic capital of the Netherlands: Approx. 500 pubs/cafés, numerous delicatessens, and more than 150 restaurants: three restaurants with a combined total of four Michelin stars.
  • International city: Known for the 'Treaty of Maastricht' (1992), 4,000 internationals residents, 87 international institutes, 115 foreign companies.
  • Central location within Europe: Brussels is 1.5 hours away, Amsterdam 2 hours away, Paris and Frankfurt 3 hours away, and London 4.5 hours away. Eight airports are within an hour's travel.
  • International student city: Around 20,000 students.