De Kluis - national World War II treasure room

Accompanied by a guide from Maastricht Underground, you'll visit the Rijkskluis (national vault) in the marl caves where valuable Dutch art treasures were safely stored during the Second World War.

A Maastricht Underground guide will take you deep down into the St. Pietersberg hill to discover the hidden Kluis. Built at the start of the Second World War, the purpose of this concrete bunker was to protect the Netherlands' most important art treasures from air attacks. About 800 artworks, including Rembrandt's Night Watch, Potter's The Young Bull, and Vermeer's Little Street, were stored here for three years. In the underground marl corridors, the air is chilly and damp. An ingenious climate control system ensured these delicate canvasses remained undamaged.

In addition to the vault, you'll also visit the keepers' room, and the room used by the Dutch military police, charged with guarding the vault and the entrance tunnel. You'll also take a look at the technical room where the vault's climate was controlled. The guide will also entertain you with interesting anecdotes about the occupiers as well as the resistance.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Adults € 7.50 p.p., children € 5.95 p.p. This price is based on a group of 15 people. It can be booked, however, for any number of participants (starting price € 112.50).