Kwizzes can be held anywhere and are fun for people of all ages. Compete in this entertaining game with your very own team.

Together with friends, family, or colleagues, you will answer questions on a wide range of topics. The Kwizzmaster will keep things upbeat and fun. Which round will your team dominate? Are you music-lovers or sports fans? And how will you fare in the fun facts round?

The Kwizz possibilities are endless and thanks to our mobile Kwizzmaster, you can play anywhere: inside or outside, with a drink or a bite to eat. Coffee and traditional vlaai (local sweet tart) are included. You can also submit your own questions, tailored specifically to your group. These can include questions about your company or about a friend celebrating her hen night.

But don't even think about pulling out your phone to look up an answer. If the Kwizzmaster sees this, it will cost you penalty points. So put your phone away and trust in your own knowledge and that of your teammates. Who knows, your team may just take home the big win!

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