Underground laser games in Valkenburg

Dark underground passages, mysterious shadows, amazing smoke and lighting effects, ominous sounds, and armed opponents.

You'll come across all this and more during this active and thrilling experience in the Valkenburg caves. Armed with an ultra-modern laser gun and vest, you'll make your way through a network of tunnels, illuminated by ultraviolet lights and disco lights, in search of your opponent.

Before you enter the play arena, you'll receive a detailed briefing from a professional instructor. Each participant will then be given a laser tag suit with an ultra-modern laser gun attached. A special box hidden in the arena adds a special element of excitement. Hit the box to earn various functions, such as a 'Shield' or other mysterious extras, that could help you in battle. Once the teams have been presented with their scores at the end of the game, finish off the day with a delicious barbecue that is waiting for you in the welcoming cave chalet.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: €36.00 per person. This price is based on a group of 15 people. It can be booked, however, for any number of participants (starting price €540.00).

Extra details: Incl. two rounds of laser tag and a barbecue.