Marl workshop

Learn how to carve this unique regional stone to create your own work of art from marl. Do you enjoy working with your hands and want to unleash your creativity? Then book a marl carving workshop.

The marl was formed when the calcium-rich skeletons and shells of a variety of creatures accumulated on the bed of the sea that was here many millions of years ago. The fossilized remains of those creatures can still be seen today in the yellow marl used in buildings in the city and on the walls of the passageways. The workshop starts with a film which shows you how the marl is extracted. You then learn how to use the tools and techniques to make your own piece, and study a few examples. Finally, everyone can get to work conceiving and creating their own projects, which of course are yours to take home afterwards.

Duration: 1.5 or 2.5 hours 
Price: from € 17.50 per person (1.5 hours) or € 25.00 per person (2.5 hours) incl. tea and coffee. This price is based on a minimum of eight participants but can be booked for any number of participants.
Extra details: Maximum of 20 participants.
Tip: Combine this workshop with a tour of the North Caves!