Mission Underground

Active and exciting! A teambuilding program in the form of an experience game in the former defense system, the Casemates, under the city of Maastricht. The Kazematten are a labyrinth with about 14 kilometers of underground passages. A special outing with a mission… courage and imagionation required!

A spy appears to have given false coordinates to the RAF (Royal Airforce) in World War II. A rocket attack hits Maastricht directly in the heart. Your team faces a mission, to save Maastricht from an enemy attack. Take on the role of a secret agent. In the underground corridors of the Casemates, you and your teammates will search for secret underground rooms, in the same corridors that were used in the past, during a siege of the city, to approach the enemy underground and render them harmless. 

Duration: approx. 2,5 hours.

Price: € 32,50 p.p. (minimum payment of 20 persons).

A maximum of 30 people can participate at a time. 

Extra details: the temperature in the tunnels of the Casemates is a constant 12 degrees (approx.). Wearing a cardigan, jumper, or jacket and sturdy shoes is recommended.

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