Beer tasting

An absolute treat for any beer lover – you'll enjoy savouring the various flavours in a fun and friendly setting! Inspect, smell, and taste the beer, from pale to dark and from bitter to sweet. This activity is a fantastic experience for anyone who enjoys savouring a range of flavours in a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Maastricht is home to various charming locations and speciality beer pubs where you can taste the finest beers under the expert guidance of a beer specialist. You'll hear fascinating facts and anecdotes about the beer you're drinking, the brewing process, the various breweries and their history, and the glassware you're drinking from.

Depending on your specific wishes, we can book the perfect location and duration for you, and include snacks or gastronomic dishes from the local region or further afield.

Price: Starting at € 16.50 per person

Duration: 1,5 hour or more