Tour and tasting session at the Bosch brewery

Visit this craft brewery in Maastricht that was active between 1758 and 1970 and learn all about the art of brewing over the centuries. Finish the tour with two speciality beers in the cosy bar area. An educational and palate-pleasing outing! 

In the centre of Maastricht, you'll find the brewery Bosch. As soon as you step through the gate, it's like entering a different world. Everything in the brewery is authentic. The malt house, brewing house, and brewer's accommodation have all been kept in their original condition. Also left unaltered are the original interiors from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Here you can discover how local brewers carried out their occupation centuries ago. You'll experience a taste of history, both literally and figuratively. An enthusiastic guide will make sure you don't miss any interesting details about this unique industrial monument. Of particular interest is the five floor malt house, the cast iron mash tun, and the bottling plant. The guide will tell you all there is to know about the art of crafting beer and the history of the brewery. The tour ends in suitable style with two delectable speciality beers.

This programme is a real treat for all beer lovers!

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 12.00 per person. This price is based on a group of nine people. It can be booked, however, for any number of participants (starting price € 108.00).

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