Tour du Maestricht

The most enjoyable way to get to know Maastricht and its surrounding hill country is by bike, on a tour which takes you past beautiful views, river banks, and historic buildings and fortifications. From adventures in green landscapes to a trail right through the vibrant city centre!

Step on a sporty city bike and enjoy the views as an experienced guide regales you with stories and anecdotes, past and present, about the city of Maastricht and the surrounding region. You'll not only get to know the well-known streets, squares, and neighbourhoods, but also the hidden gems that sometimes lie just outside the city centre. In a single excursion, you'll discover the compact city centre with its architectural highlights and the glorious countryside on the edge of the city. The intensity of the ride, as well as the start and end points, can be discussed beforehand.

Duration: from 2 hours
Price: starting at € 33.50 per person. Starting price € 335.00 or a minimum of 10 participants.

Extra details: The city tour is suitable for all ages and includes comfortable bikes.

Book your ticket online: you can also book your tickets for a private guide online or join other participants. Book your tickets online here.